Our organizing project for women impacted by the criminal justice system that works to educate, heal and empower ourselves, one another and our communities to demand justice, dignity and liberation for all.

Women on the Rise

SNaPCo is a Black trans and queer led collaborative that builds the power of our people to wage and win campaigns that force systematic divestment from the Prison Industrial Complex and investment in the services and supports that make our people and communities thrive.


Our campaign, led with Women on the Rise, to close the city's "extra" jail, repurpose it into a Center for Wellness & Freedom, and reallocate $32.5 million dollars into services our communities need.

Close the Jail ATL

RJAC supports our organizing projects and campaigns through leading members and staff in embodied leadership development, including body-based skill building and awareness of personal & collective transformation in partnership with Generative Somatics.

Embodied Leadership Development