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Take Action NOW to Defund the Jail!

The world as we know it is breaking open. And it is our duty to be part of breaking it toward love, redemption, and justice.

Although the recent uprisings have been described as chaos, portrayed as anomalies, they are actually the predictable results of centuries of our nation’s racist criminal justice system.

Today, in Atlanta, we stand with the people of Minneapolis, Louisville, Tallahassee, and all people demanding racial justice, divestment from the criminal legal system, and investment in Black lives. We stand with all the beings who loved George Floyd, Brionna Taylor, and Tony McDade. We stand with the Movement for Black Lives.

And we stand with the people of our city, facing tear gas and tasers to say “Enough is Enough.” APD and other Atlanta law enforcement agencies have killed, too. Say their names: Oscar Cain, Alexia Christian, Deravis Caine Rogers, Scout Shultz, Jimmy Atchison, Kathryn Johnston...Do not forget them. Say their names.

And when you are done saying their names, take action.

For years, we have turned up and turned out to say NO to criminalization and mass incarceration, NO to racist, transphobic policing, and NO to funds for cops and jails. For years, we have said that there is a connection between devastating police violence and murder and the kind of quality of life policing that fills our Atlanta jail. Now more than ever, we must take action to defund the institutions which destroy Black lives and communities of color.

On June 15th, the City of Atlanta is voting on a budget with $18 million dollars for the Atlanta City Detention Center - a building that represents Atlanta’s reliance on mass incarceration and historic devaluing of Black life - but a building that could also represent redemption as it is slated for closure & repurposing into a Center for Wellness & Freedom, thanks to the community organizing work of the Communities Over Cages Campaign and alliance partners to move Atlanta to DIVEST from punishment and criminalization and INVEST in community care. This call is more important than ever, in the midst of a global pandemic, a $40 million dollar city budget deficit, and nationwide community mobilization to defund police and jails.

Defunding the jail - and moving $18 million from cuffs to care for the Black communities most harmed by its operation - is abolition in action.

SIGN TODAY to tell Atlanta City Council to do the right thing.

P.S. Signed the petition already but have more time? Here are 3 more things you can do:

  1. Share this call-to-action with 10 friends.

  2. Call and email your Councilmember to demand they redirect $18 million from cuffs to care. Phone/ Email Script: Hi, my name is ______ and I live in District ____. I’m calling/ emailing to ask you to move $18 million dollars in the city’s proposed budget out of the Atlanta City Detention Center. Atlanta should not be wasting $18 million dollars to operate a jail that’s mostly empty and already slated for closure- especially in the midst of national turmoil over police violence, the COVID health crisis and a $40 million dollar city budget deficit. Employees of ACDC should be moved to other departments where they can learn skills for future jobs and truly be of service to our city. Move $18 million dollars from cuffs to care and invest in the safety and wellness of Black Atlantans!

  3. Tweet & tag your Councilmembers and the Mayor’s Office about why the city should move $18 million from cuffs to care!

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